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Thursday, 1st June, 2023
Gordon Chisholm
Moving on to Pastures New

By Stuart McLaren

This was a season that was quite a frustrating one for Queen's fans. We actually equalled our best finish of recent years by coming 4th, but it had looked like it could have been so much better. Strangely through, optimism levels were never high, even when Queens topped the league for long spells, or when we would have won the league by winning all our remaining games with less than a month to go. Any sense of excitement through was pretty well dampened by one of the worst winters on record.


2009/20010 - Bit of a Downer

After expecting so much, and getting so little, last season, I think Queens fans were a bit reluctant to get carried away this season. Even although my pre-season poll (which ended up running until January!) gave Queens the most votes, the feeling I was getting from the Message Boards was that most expected Dundee to win the league, and just wanted Queens to finish as high as possible. Even when we topped the league into November, very few people were getting carried away. And then the snows came, and by the time we started playing again, we were well behind Dundee and Inverness, on points at least, although right up until a bad week at the start of April, we remained in a position were we would win the league if we managed to win all our remaining games. Yet, still not many on the Message Board seemed to think we would do it.


This was also the year that the inevitable happened, and we lost our most successful manager ever, Gordon Chisholm, to Dundee, after looking like he was going to Kilmarnock just before that. Probably the highlight of a year when 4th place in the league was actually quite disappointing was running Rangers close in a League Cup tie which attracted over 6,000 fans to Palmerston, despite the presence of live television cameras at Palmerston for the first time ever.


There was little change to this site again, although I did add the facility to search the now fairly extensive archives on the site, or to the Official Site, although they did decide towards the end of the season to go back 'in-house' with the site..




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