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Thursday, 1st June, 2023
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By Stuart McLaren

The season that the roof caved in at Palmerston? We started the season worried about the small squad size, but by the middle of January, after an even harder winter than last year and no game at Palmerston for over 2 months, even that seemed to have been too much, as we discovered that the club we had always prided ourselves in being well run within it's budget announced that it was experiencing "cash flow problems". The last few months of the season were to bring more revelations about how much our recent success had actually cost us, and by the end of the season a Challenge Cup Final and 4th place finished had been dwarfed as a major cull of managerial and playing staff took place.


2010/2011 - Save Our South

Queens started the season with what looked to be a first team squad of only around 16. The reason for this became clear in January when, after a winter that made even the previous year seem mild, it was announced that we were experiencing "cash flow problems". Despite this, Queens had a fairly successful season on the pitch, reaching the Challenge Cup Final and finishing 4th in the league.


It had been pretty clear for all to see that Kenny Brannigan and the Board of Directors were not seeing eye to eye, so there was little surprise when Brannigan's contract was not renewed, and Gus MacPherson was brought in as the new manager at the end of the season. Gus was left to build a virtual new team, as most of last seasons squad did not have their contract's renewed and were allowed to move elsewhere..


Site wise, I had finally got to a point when I didn't think there was much I could do to improve it, and there were very few changes to it during this season..




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