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Fantasy Betting Rules
Fantasy Betting League
Are You Brave Enough?

By Stuart McLaren

The rules of the Fantasy Betting League.

Fantasy Betting

Frequently Asked Questions

Rule Changes for 2004/2005

I have introduced a new automated service this year. To enter you must first register. There is nothing sinister in this, it just makes it easier for me to update the league. The reason for the password is that I know how devious some of you can be, so it is to stop you changing someone else's vote!

We will be betting on every game this year (League, Cup, Midweek etc are included this time)(For Cup games, it will be the score at the end of 90 minutes plus injury time which counts, extra time and penalties will not count).

The bet has been increased to £10.00 but you must bet in round pounds (so the number of 'units' you have to place stays the same as when you had a £5 bet but could place £0.50 bets).

If you don't place a bet for a game, your bet from the previous game will be carried forward. During the trials many people found they did better this way than they did if they actually placed a bet!

You must also make a prediction in the Next Week's Results section. You do not use up any of you £10 in this section.

Scoring will be 10 points for a correct result (Home Win, Away Win, Draw), 10 points for number of goals by home team, 10 points for number of goals by away team. So a total of 30 points if you get the score exactly right.

Examples :
If you bet :-
Falkirk 5 Partick1
If Falkirk win 5-1 you get 30 points.
If Falkirk win 5-3, you get 20 points.
If Partick win 1-0, you get 10 points (correct number of goals for Partick)

I think that's about it, e-mail me if you need to know more.

What is it?

Basically, the feature is just like the prediction leagues you are likely to have seen on other sites. We've tried to make it slightly more interesting by making it just like a betting slip from the bookmakers and allowing you to place "virtual bets" on various other aspects of the game rather than just the score. It is shamelessly borrowed from the Partick Thistle site.

How does it work?

Each week The Only Team in the Bible gives you a virtual £10 that you can use to bet with. The betting slip displays the various aspects of the game that you can bet on and has a space for you to enter your bet. You can spread the £10 around evenly or simply place it all on one prediction if you are fairly confident that it will happen. Your winning amount is then worked out exactly the same way as it would be in a normal bookmakers (for example, if we give you odds of 5-1 on Queens to win 1-0 and they do, you'll win five times your original bet), however, rather than receiving that money, you are placed in a league table with all the other competitors, and the person at the end of the season with the most virtual money wins.

How does the scoring work?

As mentioned in the previous segment, your score is based on how much money you win (£10 = 10 points), and that money is determined by how well you've done with your predictions.


If in the first week none of your bets are correct, you're score will be 0, since you have spent £10 with no return. If the next week you win £3 from your bets your score will be 3, since all in all you will have spent £10 yet received just £3 back.

See above for how Next Week's Results is scored.

How do the odds work?

The odds are the numbers beside the bet and are usually displayed as XX/1. Basically, the first number (the one before the /) is the number of times you will receive your bet back if you correctly predict an aspect of the game. For example, if David McNiven scores the first goal in a game and you have placed a £2 bet at odds of 2/1, you will receive 2 times your original bet (£4) back, as well as your original bet, so all in all you would receive £6. Sometimes the odds can be "Evens", this is basically odds of 1/1.

In actual bookmakers you will often see the odds of XX/2 or even X/XX, in order to avoid further complication we have decided not to include these.

Do I have to enter every week?

No. Obviously, it will be to your advantage to have entered the Season's Betting section before it closes at the end of October but you may still be able to do OK without it. If you do not enter, your previous bet will be carried forward. Some people have found this to be an advantage!

Do I have to bet in every category?

No, if you are fairly confident of something happening then you can place your whole £10 on that. The only (obvious) rule we do have however, you must use your WHOLE £10 .

You must also make a prediction for Next Week's Results.

Where do you get the odds from?

The Only Team in the Bible makes up the odds. You will often find that our odds are more generous than those offered by actual bookmakers, this is obviously because we do not have to pay out every week. In practice, I am unlikely to change the odds throught the season, i.e. Queens win 1-0 will remain at 4-1 for every game.

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