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Friday, 31st March, 2023
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By Stuart McLaren

I've kinda given up on publishing 'news' on the site, I find it easier just to let you get on with it on the Message Boards! Any news snippets I do have, I'll put on here, such as reports from the AGM etc., and I do occasionally pick up some juicy snippets on Match Day!
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Quarter of a Century

2nd November, 2022

Wish I'd realised so I could have come up with some fancy graphics, but The Only Team in the Bible is 25 years old today!


Live Update Tomorrow

13th September, 2022

I'm trying a new feature for my Live Updates on Saturday.  I use my own app to take notes on the game, usually by voice recordings.  I have added a feature to the app to convert my spoken notes to text and add them to the front page, hopefully allowing those of you who can't make the match to keep up with what's going on.  I can see there being a couple of potential problems with this :

  1. I'm not the clearest speaker, hence no "Only Team in The Bible" podcast
  2. I often have to listen to my notes a few times to make out what I'm saying above the dim of Palmerston Park (usually someone shouting obscenities at The Ref/Opposition/Goalkeeper)

I, therefore, don't know how Google's Speach Recognition Engine will get on with interpreting my notes and it my end up being absolute garbage (Who said that's how the final Report usually turns out?).


Couple of Things

9th September, 2022

With Queen's match tomorrow postponed due to the death of The Queen, I thought I'd take the chance to put on a couple of things that qosBruce has been in touch with me about.  Firstly, something most of you will know already : You can mention on your site that my King of Queens book sold out and the birthplace of our wee team - The New Bazaar has been sold to a Chinese buyer which prompts the question where will their members go now pre - Palmy games ? as they have 80 - 90 Doonhamer fans from all over Scotland who come to the home matches as it is only yards from the buses on Whitesands. And secondly : (Please Click more>>>>)


Clyde Review

3rd August, 2022

I've just watched the highlights of the match (on Clyde's YouTube Channel and it's prompted me to do a rare midweek update.  I'm usually able to acknowledge when Queens' have lost because they have been plain and simple outplayed but having watched these highlights, I haven't seen Queens win any tackles in the entire package.  


Pre-Season Round Up

6th July, 2022

Queens have completed their 3 game pre-season build-up in preparation for the 1st competitive game against Annan at Palmerston on Saturday.  They opened with a 0-1 defeat behind-closed-doors at Kilmarnock before victories over Raith Rovers (2-1 Paton (pen), Connelly) and Hamilton (3-1 Murray, OG, Connelly).  The squad is in place unusually early this season, let's see what difference it makes when the real stuff starts.


Rae Signs For Airdrie

24th June, 2022

I see Josh Rae has signed for Airdrie, a bit weird as I thought he was destined for bigger and better things!


Welcome to The New Site Home

7th June, 2022

Welcome to the new Home of The Only Team in The Bible.  Hopefully, the only thing you'll have noticed is that the address bar now says "".  Don't worry, that's what it's meant to say, but if you'd like to know a little bit more about why, click to read on ➡️.


Season Review2021/2022RoundUp

28th May, 2022

A round-up of everything affecting Queens since our season came to an end, which, unfortunately, means the play-offs for a place in the 1st Division.


Season Review 2021/2022 Part 7

25th May, 2022

The school Easter Holidays start on 1st April.  The Challenge Cup Final was on 3rd April.  Guess what?  That's right, I was on holiday and couldn't make the final.  Could Queens get their season back on track in my absence and set us up for a strong finish to the season?


Season Review 2021/2022 Part 6

22nd May, 2022

Queens were enjoying a new Manager bounce back as we went into March with a Challenge Cup Semi-final to look forward to.  Could Willie Gibson maintain the momentum and pull Queens away from the bottom of the league?


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