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Who's The best Ever?
Ted the Best Ever?

By Stuart McLaren

Date 2nd August, 2007

My poll for Queens best ever player, manager and team has been running for nearly ten years, but recently the scores have become corrupted, so I have taken the decision to draw a line under the results to date and start again from scratch. So get voting.
I'm sure it's by accident and that no one has deliberately sabotaged my poll, but after nearly 10 years, the results have become so corrupted that I have decided to start again from scratch. The results of the 1st ten years are shown below.

I've added a cookie to the poll which will stop you from voting twice. I know it will be easy enough to get round if you really do want to vote more than once, but it should stop accidental multiple votes, which I think are what has thrown the results out.

While Ted McMinn was a great player for Queens, and I'm sure did enjoy a surge of legitimate votes following his recent testimonial, I think that he has been the recipient of multiple vote, so although he is shown as being Queen's best ever player, I believe Andy Thompson, the long time leader in the poll, is the legitimate leader, followed by the only person to have ever really challenged him in the early days Tommy Bryce.

In the best manager category, John Connolly was probably our most successful manager ever, but Billy McLaren and Nobby Clark always just edged him in the poll until near the end.

In the best team, Alan Ball did lead the poll most of the way through, although his final vote was undoubtedly corrupted, I still think he was the legitimate winner. It was a similar story with Ian McChesney at right back and Bobby Parker and Kevin Heatherington in the centre of defence, but I'm afraid Giro George's inclusion at left back was definitely as a result of corrupted votes, denying Tommy O'Hara his rightful place.

In midfield, Ted McMinn was the run away winner on the right side, although not quite as much as the final vote shows. Tommy Bryce in central midfield was also always well in front, but Steve Bowey was another late comer, and I think Derek Townsley has a more legitimate claim to the 2nd spot. On the left, Tommy O'Hara may well be my personal favourite, but I can't deny that Jimmy Robertson was the probable true winner here.

Up front, Stewart Cochrane was the beneficiary of the late surge, but the true winner over the 9 years were Andy Thomson and Peter Dickson.

Not a bad team, I'm sure you'd agree, but now it all starts again, so make your vote count.

If you are reading this after just one vote (mine) you may be surprised to see the name of John O'Neill at the top of the Best Ever Player poll. My vote in the original poll went to Tommy O'Hara, but as I was thinking about this new poll, I decided that O'Neill has actually been a very major influence in Queens most successful period ever, so, whatever you may think of his commitment to the team (I personally think he was forced out to St. Mirren), or how much he does defensively, I hope you'll not laugh too loudly at my choice!

Finally, here are the (corrupted) scores to date.


Ted McMinn 61
Andy Thomson 51
Tommy Bryce 33
Alan Ball 24
Tommy O'Hara 20
Jimmy Robertson 16
Peter Dickson 12
Bobby Parker 5
Steve Bowey 5
John O'Neill 4
David Mathieson 3
Jim Thomson 2
Peter Weatherson 2
Kevin Hetherington 1
George Cloy 1
Jim Donald 1
Steve Mallan 1
Derek Townsley 1


John Connolly 51
Billy McLaren 39
Nobby Clark 25
Michael Jackson 17
Ally McLeod 6
Frank McGarvey 4
Davie Wilson 4
Drew Busby 2
Willie Harkness 1

Best Team


Alan Ball 195
Alan Davidson 25
David Mathieson 25

Right Back

Ian McChesney 196
Graeme Robertson 36
Peter Dickson 14

Central Defenders

Bobby Parker 230
Kevin Hetherington 90
Jim Thomson 53
Crawford Boyd 43
Nobby Clark 36
Billy McLaren 30
Norrie Anderson 10
George Dickson 1
Chris Balderstone 1

Left Back

George Cloy 168
Tommy O'Hara 54
Mark Shanks 19
Tony Gervaise 5

Right Midfield

Ted McMinn 116
Billy Reid 96
John Dempster 34

Central Midfield

Tommy Bryce 287
Steve Bowey 70
Derek Townsley 67
George Cloy 26
John O'Neill 15
Kevin McCann 11
Jim McBride 10
Billy Gordon 3
Bennie Ferrie 1

Left Midfield

Tommy O'Hara 146
Jimmy Robertson 96
George Cloy 5
Jimmy McGuire 1


Stewart Cochrane 268
Andy Thomson 105
Peter Dickson 50
Rowan Alexander 27
Ian Reid 19
Tommy Bryce 14
Peter Weatherson 9

Total hits: 282
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