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Monday, 8th August, 2022
Here We Go
Our New Keeper

By Stuart McLaren

Date 8th July, 2021

Here are my thoughts on the season to come, along with the reason I won't be there to witness it first-hand, at least for now.

I will not be at Palmerston on Saturday to be among the first fans to be back at a game since March 2019.  I have not bought a season ticket, and I was not tempted to apply to buy a ticket when they went on sale to non-season ticket holders.  The reason for this, and I have said it right from the start of the pandemic, is that I consider watching Queens to be a social event, I like to sit and discuss the game, and indeed put the World to rights in general, with my mates. I don't think I'd enjoy being told where I had to sit, and sitting 2 meters away from anyone else like "Billy No Mates".  There's nothing the club can do about this, but until I can return to a "normal" Palmerston, I can't see myself returning atoll.


To football issues, I think it will be another tough season for Queens, with the majority of signed players being the younger ones from last year. I expect a flurry of loan signing over the next few weeks, but as these are usually young players too, I think this season could be a struggle. Saying that though, I've had a look at this link of Championships ins and outs, and there are a few teams (Morton in particular) in the same boat.


I am looking forward to the season ahead, and hopefully I'll be back at Palmerston in the not too distant future. Once again though, I'd be happy with an 8th place finish this season. 


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