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Sunday, 7th August, 2022
Welcome to The New Site Home
Who Better?

By Stuart McLaren

Date 7th June, 2022

Welcome to the new Home of The Only Team in The Bible.  Hopefully, the only thing you'll have noticed is that the address bar now says "".  Don't worry, that's what it's meant to say, but if you'd like to know a little bit more about why, click to read on ➡️.

I run 2 websites, The Only Team in The Bible and the absolutely brilliant MyDumfries.  Up until now, they both had their own unique Hosting Space on The Internet.  However, the cost of that space has gone up to over £80.00 per year, so, as neither of the sites uses even 20% of the available space, I decided it was time to save a bit of money, and put them both onto the same host.


I've decided to host them both on the host.  The url now takes you to, so if this is where you have ended up by default, you should be good to go.  However, if you are still showing then you are probably still on the old site.  Please try typing into your address bar and press CTRL & F5 to refresh the page.


If you have specific pages saved, for instance "On This Day", you may have to enter the address although I think will still get you to the right place?


Hopefully, you won't need any of this information, but please contact me if you need any more information.


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