Thin Edge of The Wedge

I’ve just posted a Tweet from Dumfries Police, disappointed to have made 6 arrests for drink driving over the weekend.  I try to keep away from opinion pieces, but since hardly anyone reads this blog, I think I’m safe enough to get this one off my chest!

In my opinion, this is only to be expected.  I know the police don’t see this as a priority, but when you see drivers arrogantly ignoring the law and parking nose to tail on the double yellow lines on English Street (I’ve even seen one driver washing their car whilst parked illegally for about the last 3 Monday nights!), I’m sure they don’t see it as a huge jump to “If I can get away with that, I may as well just have a wee drink before going home”.

I think that illegal parking should be given a higher profile by the police, both for the reason above and also for public safety. Trying to cross at the corner of English Street and Shakespeare Street can be very difficult as you cannot see cars coming down English Street, and also because many drivers find it just too much of an effort to stretch their little finger all that way to the indicator lever!

Rant over!

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Odeon Cinema to Close

I have been unable to get the news that Odeon are to close their cinema in Dumfries, so am adding it as a quick blog post. Another disaster for Dumfries, there is hardly anything for kids to do already. I’m not sure of the reason for this, but if it is another “Next” then surely it is time to accept that businesses are not willing to pay more to be in a Town Centre nobody wants to visit, and let them set up their businesses where they want to?

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Just seen the word I have been trying, unsuccessfully (curse my limited vocabulary), to remember all day. Xenophobic! Perfect description. Also seen on Twitter about 4 hours after the result was confirmed that Spain are making noises about the sovereignty of Gibraltar. Maybe middle England needs to re-deploy some of their “Boys in France” from The Russian front to Gibraltar. Make us proud! This could be the first flash-point.

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The Rise of Nationalism

I hate the idea that someone living in Dublin or Dresden or Durham should be treated any differently from me because I live in Dumfries, Scotland. I genuinely fear the rise of Nationalism and Separatism as demonstrated by the populous politicians Boris and Don. So, of course, I voted remain in the EU referendum.

The 2 most ridiculous things I have heard from leave voters are : 1) We were better off before we joined the European Union and 2) Nobody knows what will happen, even the “so called experts”.

Point 1 I keep hearing from older people, all I can say is, don’t they remember that before the EU was World War II, World War I, basically just non stop wars! I really fear that the UK leaving the EU will lead to a flood of countries looking to “take back control” and the stability that Europe has seen for the last 50 years has been put at risk. Just ask the people of the former Yugoslavia what can happen when the ugly face of nationalism raises it’s ugly head.

Point 2, I’d just say I didn’t listen to the “so called experts” at the Stock Exchange once before, and it cost me a lot of money. This time I did listen, but I fear as so many others thought they knew better, it’s still going to cost me a lot of money. These guys don’t deal in sentiment, they don’t cry and say “I’ve got my country back”, they just look at the facts, analyse them, and then act accordingly, and they are very rarely wrong. They have made it clear what they think Brexit will mean, and I think we have been stupid not to listen.

I’m going to leave it there, I could go on and on about why Britain has just made the wrong decision, but I think these 2 points on their own are enough!

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Heathhall Sub-Station Explosion

There was a big “bang” in Dumfries last night as the electrical sub-station on Tinwald Downs Road had some kind of failure. My Mum stays right across the road from it and says that there was a huge blue flash outside her window and her Television went off. It then came back on but a few seconds later it happened again. Again through her TV was back on within seconds. The Fire Brigade did attend but were not their for long so it looks like there wasn’t much permanent damage done, but my mum, and I’m sure plenty others in the immediate area, was pretty shaken up but it!

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My Children’s Future

I don’t often take to writing on this blog, and I know that this won’t be seen by many people, but I just have this feeling that I wanted to put down in writing my reply to all those that say that the No vote in the Scottish referendum was done through fear and has been a “missed opportunity for my Children’s future”.

I agree 100%. I voted no through fear. I voted for the fear of what could have been in my children’s future, and I just was not willing to GAMBLE when that was the stake. My little boy is 9 and was terrified of a yes vote because he is quite happy with the way things are. A friend was telling me there was a little girl in tears at his kids primary school on Thursday because she was so afraid of what might happen. I know they are only kids and don’t fully understand, but the point is they are happy with how things are. Why take the risk of changing things?

Can anyone tell me, hand on heart, that, given that the German Central Bank had warned of dire consequences, that Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank and Standard Life had all said they would move their Headquarters out of Scotland, that every politician of every national party was telling us that it was a bad idea and that we would not be allowed to use the pound, honestly, would anyone be willing to stand up and tell me THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBILITY THAT SCOTLAND WOULD GO BANKRUPT at some point in the future as an independent nation. It happened to Iceland, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland as near as makes no difference, and indeed, given that as far as I can tell the SNP had said that Scotland would not honour Scotland’s share of the UK debt, I would think we would have been as good as bankrupt from day one. I certainly would have been reluctant to lend any money to a country with that attitude to their debts! Would you still be willing to take the GAMBLE that things MIGHT be better in an independent Scotland?

Yes, I voted through fear. The main reason for this rant is the rest of the news on Saturday night, after all the fuss had died and we got back to looking at what was happening in the rest of the world. 60,000 Syrians flooding across the border into Turkey to get away from the fighting. No doubt a few of them will end up in the next news story, camped out in Calias, desperately trying to get into the UK. Do you think they are doing this because the UK is a terrible place to live? Were you really willing to take the risk that Gretna could have become the new Calias? Why? How much better do you think things could be because someone in Edinburgh was telling you what to do rather than someone in London?

Were you really willing to take that gamble?

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I’m Back

I’ve finally got round to doing some more site updates, and this time I hope that what I’ve done will see the site updated more regularly. I’ve written an app for my phone which will let me add selected Twitter posts to the site, and will make it easier for me to post updates. The front page will feature the last 2 “Headline” Posts, while there will be a link to “All Twitter News” which will take you to a page with all the updates which I have classed as “News Worthy”. Hopefully, this time, I will keep going with this and keep the site more up to date.

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Urban Foxes

I was at the Retail Park beside the by-pass today where Comet and Curries are, and saw a full grown fox wandering around at the side of the road.  I know foxes are pretty common in large cities, but this is the first time I have seen one in Dumfries. Anybody else seen any?

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Dumfries is Best

I decided to take the kids to Carlisle this year for the Firework Show as I had heard it was better than Dumfries. Wrong! The Carlisle show does have a large fair at it, but it’s far too busy to get on anything! Then for the actual display, they lit a huge bonefire first, and then started setting of fireworks behind it which no-one could see for the smoke. After about 30 minutes not knowing what was going on, we decided to leave, only to discover that the main firework display hadn’t actually started yet! By this time my 6 year old had had enough, so I took him back to the car while my wife and daughter stayed to watch the show, which they weren’t that impressed with. It then took about another hour to get out of The Sands car park, and about another half hour to get from there back to the M6. I then thought I was going to be driving home in thick fog, but while that at least cleared, I’d made up my mind by then that I’d be staying in Dumfries next year!

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On One Day

Do you ever notice certain days when there seems to be more ‘strangeness’ going on than normal? Today I met someone coming round the roundabout on Glasgow Road the wrong way (a first for me!) Then someone pulled out right in front of me on the by-pass roundabout. And these are just the two best examples among many smaller incidents. And it’d not even a full moon! Definately a day to stay indoors for the rest of the day!

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