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October 26, 2007

People Categories

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Do you find that people easily fall into categories?  I must admit, I am quite bad for ‘categorising’ people in a sarcastic way (I’m sure other people must do the same to me!) but they so often prove me right!

This morning, while I was waiting for my bus (go on Mr BMW driver, criticise people who get the bus to work for slowing everyone else down! See, there I go again), in near total darkness, 2 women with small children beside them, drove by with no lights on.  To be fair, only one of them was still putting her seat belt on as she drove (the other one had probably come far enough to complete this particular task!), but how typical is that of the ‘drive the kids to school’ brigade?

It reminded me of the other night when I returned to the car park to see a lady in a parked car pick up her mobile phone, dial in the number, and then drive off while on the phone!  Guess what she was driving?  That’s right, a 4×4.

I hope I don’t fall into any categories (I’m sure I do), but I’m damn sure it’s none of the above!

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