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December 29, 2007

Skating on Black Ice

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Both the Standard and Courier’s lead story this week is on the number of casualties dealt with at the hospital last Saturday as Dumfries was hit by a rare bout of black ice.

It was well advertised in advance that these conditions were likely to apply, and I for one, didn’t even attempt to step foot outside until about 5 o’clock, when I took about 3 steps and went straight back in! So why were all these people down the town? Because it was the last Saturday before Christmas? If memory serves me right, Christmas has been on the 25th December for the last few years, so why not try getting organised instead of leaving everything to the last minute. As for the guy who was banging on about the council doing something about it! They’re the council, not God! OK, they’re not perfect, but they can’t stop the unstoppable. He was complaining that no-one had salted the Vennal.  I don’t suppose it crossed his mind to have some salt at the ready and do it himself.

I’m afraid I have very little sympathy. Fair enough, if you are out because you have no choice in the matter, but people have to use their common sense, and just stay in the house on days like this if they possibly can.

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