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March 22, 2008

Site Updates

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There have been a few changes to the site recently. As promised, the Placefinder has now been AJAXed, making it much quicker. This was  my first venture into the world of AJAX, but it was actually quite easy, so there may be more to come!

What used to be the e-mail list is now the Dumfries People Finder.  I hope to make it an easy way for you to find your friends and family from Dumfries on their existing Social Networking Sites, and would urge you to register if you haven’t already.

Finally, you may notice some arrows at the top of certain menus now.  These will allow you to hide certain areas of the site to help make  it easier to read, and let you customise. These can’t be saved yet (future  project) but hopefully you’ll find it useful.

March 19, 2008

Early Spring

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Is it just me, or has anyone else suffered from Hayfever already this year?  I’d swear that what I had on Saturday (15th March) was hayfever.  I have noticed that a lot of the trees are in full bloom already. I have a diary note to start taking my hayfever tablets, and it comes out in the middle of April, so if it was hayfever I had at the weekend, then it’s really early this year. Of course, I could have just had a cold!

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