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May 29, 2008

DGone Opens at Last

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The DGone leisure complex finally opened, about a year later than scheduled, yesterday.

Against my better instincts, my little girl dragged me along tonigh, as she was desperate to see it.  As it turned out, it wasn’t as busy as I had expected. My initial impression was one of slight disappointment.  We are very keen swimmers, and have been going down to Annan regularly while Dumfries has been without a pool (even when it did have a ‘pool’ because I wouldn’t have set foot in the old place!), and to be honest, I can see that continuing.  The timetable for the new pool looks pretty poor, if you can understand it, and it’s difficult to pick out a time after 5:00 when you’ll actaully be able to go for a swim. Even tonight, within about 10 minutes of us getting in, they closed down the ‘training pool’ for the swimming club, the big pool was split into 2 from the time we got therr (meaning my little girl couldn’t practice her widths), and it would seem this will be a pretty permanent arrangement, and the ‘leisure pool’ was a huge disappointment, not very big atol, and when my wife took my wee girl into the ‘rapids’ section, she was immediatly thrown out for not being a strong enough swimmer, despite the fact that she has been in many similar facilities at other pools. Hopefully this is just early over efficiency, which I was actually expecting.

We didn’t even try the flumes because of the queues, but I did notice the sign saying they were for over 8’s only.  Let’s hope they aren’t too strict on this. My wee girl has been going down the slides at Craig Tara in Ayr, Centre Parcs at Penrith, Water World in Newcastle and The Time Capsule in Coatbridge since she was about 4 years old, she’s 6 now and wouldn’t be impressed if she’s not allowed down the flumes, especially as they actually look pretty tame in comparison!

Overall, initial impressions aren’t great, let’s hope things settle down a bit, and I may enjoy it more in about 6 months time when we are among only about 10 people who are actually still using the pool!

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