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July 6, 2008

DG One – Will it Last?

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My last post on here was 29th May, the opening day of DG One.  The first few weeks were as expected, queues out the door as it received the usual Dumfries welcome to anything new opening.  However, the honeymoon period seems to have been even shorter lived than expected.  I was there 3 weekends ago, and it was much quieter already.  I couldn’t make it the last 2 weeks, but was back again today, and the initial rush is definatley well and truely over.

It is still quite busy, but nowhere near as busy as it was for the 1st 3 or 4 weeks, and not as busy as I’d expect it to be after such a short thime. So why?  I believe it’s down to 2 things – a pretty poor timetable, and over efficious life guards.

The timetable for the school holidays actually looks much better, although the training pool is still very rarely available to the general public. My wife has already decided to keep taking the kids to Annan (which has re-opened after a short closure) because the rules at Dumfries mean she can’t take our 3 year old and 6 year old on her own (she can at certain times at Annan) and anyway, she finds the Dumfries pool just too big to keep an eye on them both on her own anyway.

Craig Tara at Ayr used to be my favourite holiday destination because we love swimming so much, and it has a superb pool (still eclipses the new Dumfries pool), but, a couple of years ago, they replaced their happy go lucky life guards with some clones with whistles, and it’s been less enjoyable since as you never know when something that was OK last year will get you into trouble this (and my 3 year old is not immune to them!).  They seem to have had the Dumfries staff trained at the same place.  Although the training pool is open on a Sunday morning, it appears they employ 3 life guards to count the number of people in it, and one to blow his whistle at random intervals to tell you the pool is full, so you aren’t allowed in.  I haven’t even tried to get my 6 year old onto the slides yet, as the sign says it is for over eights only.  Another pool I go to, in Letterkenny, has the same sign up, but use the common sense approach, “If her Dad thinks she’s Ok for it, she can go on” approach.  I can’t see this prevailing in Dumfries somehow!

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