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April 19, 2009

New Year’s Resolution

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My New Year’s resolution this year was to make a weekly blog entry on here. Here we are near the end of April, and I’m getting round to my first! Have to say, I admire the guys at The Standard and Courier for managing to produce a paper once or twice a week in Dumfries. Behind the scenes, I have been busy working on The Dumfries Place Finder again. I was inspired by the fact that I was going up to Ayr on holiday last week, and was looking for a POI file for my Sat Nav. I did find one eventually, but I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to create my own. So I’ve now added the ability to create a POI file from your favourite places in Dumfries to the Place Finder. I’m still perfecting it, but there is a working version on the site now, so if you’re visiting Dumfries soon, give it a go.

On the subject of Ayr, I’d say Dumfries and Ayr used to be pretty much comparable (OK, Ayr always had the edge, being on the coast, nearer Glasgow, and having it’s own Airport, but there wasn’t that much in it). Last week, however, we found Ayr has gone shooting ahead. My wife assures me that the shopping is much better, they’ve got a Pizza Hut (big advantage in my book!), ASDA, and on our last day there, we ate in Cactus John’s, an American Diner with a Cowboy theme, which caters for all the family, something Dumfries is sadly lacking. On the subject, they also still have a Brewster Bears, and a very good one at that, I was very disappointed that the Dumfries Brewsters decided to become a table2table, as it was really the only child friendly restaurant in town (or at least, the most child friendly), I certainly haven’t been back since they decided to change.

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