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November 6, 2011

Dumfries is Best

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I decided to take the kids to Carlisle this year for the Firework Show as I had heard it was better than Dumfries. Wrong! The Carlisle show does have a large fair at it, but it’s far too busy to get on anything! Then for the actual display, they lit a huge bonefire first, and then started setting of fireworks behind it which no-one could see for the smoke. After about 30 minutes not knowing what was going on, we decided to leave, only to discover that the main firework display hadn’t actually started yet! By this time my 6 year old had had enough, so I took him back to the car while my wife and daughter stayed to watch the show, which they weren’t that impressed with. It then took about another hour to get out of The Sands car park, and about another half hour to get from there back to the M6. I then thought I was going to be driving home in thick fog, but while that at least cleared, I’d made up my mind by then that I’d be staying in Dumfries next year!

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