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September 21, 2014

My Children’s Future

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I don’t often take to writing on this blog, and I know that this won’t be seen by many people, but I just have this feeling that I wanted to put down in writing my reply to all those that say that the No vote in the Scottish referendum was done through fear and has been a “missed opportunity for my Children’s future”.

I agree 100%. I voted no through fear. I voted for the fear of what could have been in my children’s future, and I just was not willing to GAMBLE when that was the stake. My little boy is 9 and was terrified of a yes vote because he is quite happy with the way things are. A friend was telling me there was a little girl in tears at his kids primary school on Thursday because she was so afraid of what might happen. I know they are only kids and don’t fully understand, but the point is they are happy with how things are. Why take the risk of changing things?

Can anyone tell me, hand on heart, that, given that the German Central Bank had warned of dire consequences, that Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank and Standard Life had all said they would move their Headquarters out of Scotland, that every politician of every national party was telling us that it was a bad idea and that we would not be allowed to use the pound, honestly, would anyone be willing to stand up and tell me THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBILITY THAT SCOTLAND WOULD GO BANKRUPT at some point in the future as an independent nation. It happened to Iceland, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland as near as makes no difference, and indeed, given that as far as I can tell the SNP had said that Scotland would not honour Scotland’s share of the UK debt, I would think we would have been as good as bankrupt from day one. I certainly would have been reluctant to lend any money to a country with that attitude to their debts! Would you still be willing to take the GAMBLE that things MIGHT be better in an independent Scotland?

Yes, I voted through fear. The main reason for this rant is the rest of the news on Saturday night, after all the fuss had died and we got back to looking at what was happening in the rest of the world. 60,000 Syrians flooding across the border into Turkey to get away from the fighting. No doubt a few of them will end up in the next news story, camped out in Calias, desperately trying to get into the UK. Do you think they are doing this because the UK is a terrible place to live? Were you really willing to take the risk that Gretna could have become the new Calias? Why? How much better do you think things could be because someone in Edinburgh was telling you what to do rather than someone in London?

Were you really willing to take that gamble?

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