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June 24, 2016


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Just seen the word I have been trying, unsuccessfully (curse my limited vocabulary), to remember all day. Xenophobic! Perfect description. Also seen on Twitter about 4 hours after the result was confirmed that Spain are making noises about the sovereignty of Gibraltar. Maybe middle England needs to re-deploy some of their “Boys in France” from The Russian front to Gibraltar. Make us proud! This could be the first flash-point.

The Rise of Nationalism

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I hate the idea that someone living in Dublin or Dresden or Durham should be treated any differently from me because I live in Dumfries, Scotland. I genuinely fear the rise of Nationalism and Separatism as demonstrated by the populous politicians Boris and Don. So, of course, I voted remain in the EU referendum.

The 2 most ridiculous things I have heard from leave voters are : 1) We were better off before we joined the European Union and 2) Nobody knows what will happen, even the “so called experts”.

Point 1 I keep hearing from older people, all I can say is, don’t they remember that before the EU was World War II, World War I, basically just non stop wars! I really fear that the UK leaving the EU will lead to a flood of countries looking to “take back control” and the stability that Europe has seen for the last 50 years has been put at risk. Just ask the people of the former Yugoslavia what can happen when the ugly face of nationalism raises it’s ugly head.

Point 2, I’d just say I didn’t listen to the “so called experts” at the Stock Exchange once before, and it cost me a lot of money. This time I did listen, but I fear as so many others thought they knew better, it’s still going to cost me a lot of money. These guys don’t deal in sentiment, they don’t cry and say “I’ve got my country back”, they just look at the facts, analyse them, and then act accordingly, and they are very rarely wrong. They have made it clear what they think Brexit will mean, and I think we have been stupid not to listen.

I’m going to leave it there, I could go on and on about why Britain has just made the wrong decision, but I think these 2 points on their own are enough!

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