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April 22, 2019

Thin Edge of The Wedge

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I’ve just posted a Tweet from Dumfries Police, disappointed to have made 6 arrests for drink driving over the weekend.  I try to keep away from opinion pieces, but since hardly anyone reads this blog, I think I’m safe enough to get this one off my chest!

In my opinion, this is only to be expected.  I know the police don’t see this as a priority, but when you see drivers arrogantly ignoring the law and parking nose to tail on the double yellow lines on English Street (I’ve even seen one driver washing their car whilst parked illegally for about the last 3 Monday nights!), I’m sure they don’t see it as a huge jump to “If I can get away with that, I may as well just have a wee drink before going home”.

I think that illegal parking should be given a higher profile by the police, both for the reason above and also for public safety. Trying to cross at the corner of English Street and Shakespeare Street can be very difficult as you cannot see cars coming down English Street, and also because many drivers find it just too much of an effort to stretch their little finger all that way to the indicator lever!

Rant over!

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