On One days

How many of you experience what I call ‘on one days’? What I mean by that is a day when, for no apparent reason, everything is twice as busy as usual, and quite often with ‘bizarre’ things.  Today was an ‘on one day’ although to be fair, while I was twice as busy as normal at work, there weren’t many of the weird and downright crazy requests you normally get on these days. You can usually tell first thing in the morning if it is going to be an on one day, although they can occasionally sneak up mid day, but I find, if they start at 12:00 noon, they finish at about 12 noon the next day, and last almost exactly 24 hours.

Today for instance, I got my usual bus into town, and most days the traffic is fairly consistent. It does get busy in places, but not too bad, and always at the same points. Today however there were cars everywhere (The lay-by outside Noblehill Cafe on the Annan Road is usually quite a good place to gauge on one days, as there are normally loads of cars in there either parked facing the wrong way, trying to do a U Turn on the Annan Road or just generally abandoned in the middle of the road because the lay-by is full), and queues at places you wouldn’t expect them. As I said, at work, there weren’t so many crazy things, but I was there until half past 6 tonight just tidying up and catching up on the day. As I write this, my 2 year old is still up in his room (my 5 year old is sleeping now, a bit later than usual, but she seems to be developing an immunity now to ‘on one ness’).

I’d actually love to do a scientific experiment into it, as I’m sure there is something in the atmosphere, or the phases of the moon, or something which causes it. I remember hearing an article on the news about a police force in England which was making sure it had extra staff on on the night of full moons, and the news program was having a bit of a laugh about it. I however wasn’t in the least surprised, and indeed I’ve heard police officers say that they dread a full moon because they know they are going to be in for a night of it. As my friend once hypothesised!, the human body is about 70% water, and the moon affects tides, so who is to say it doesn’t affect humans?

I’m going to start trying to record ‘on one days’ on here to see if I can detect a pattern!

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