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September 3, 2011

Tour of Britain

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The 1st stage of The Tour of Britain cycle race finishes in Dumfries next Sunday (11th September). The Whitesands area of the town will have family entertainment events based around the event from around 12:00 until 14:30. Obviously, there will be some disruption to traffic, particularly around the Whitesands, but as the race is coming into Dumfries from Moffat,I’d think there will also be disruption for traffic heading north to the M74, so if you are visiting the area next Sunday,  be prepared for delays or think about alternative routes.

April 23, 2011

Where’s The Best?

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I was down in Blackpool for the week recently, and believe it or not, I had difficulty finding a decent chip shop off the front one night when I took a sudden fancy for Meat and Potatoe Pie and Chips! Of course, visitors to Dumfries would have no such problems as they could just look up my “Dumfries Place Finder” (I’ve now written a mobile version too!), but how would they know which was the best? With this in mind, I’ve started a poll for Dumfries’ Best Chip Shop (I plan to start other categories too), please go to the Reviews section to place your vote in the pool, and help visitors to Dumfries find their way about.

March 6, 2011

Welcome Facebookers

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If you’ve arrived at the site via the link I placed on Facebook, firstly let me apologise! I thought my comment would only appear on my “Front Page”, I didn’t realise it would appear on all my friends “walls”.

April 3, 2010

Virus Alert!!!!

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I returned from holiday today to discover that the site had been hacked and a Javascript had been attached to some pages, which my Anti-Virus software blocked as being malitous.  The attack seems to have taken place about midnight on the 2nd of April, so if you’ve accessed the site today, hopefully your Anti Virus software has blocked the attack, but if it hasn’t, please check you computer as soon as possible.  Hopefully all is OK now, but I’ll have to keep an eye on the site, as I’ve no idea how they got in in the first place.

March 14, 2010

Street View Hits Dumfries

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Google’s Street View is now available for Dumfries. I’ve now built Street View into The Dumfries Place Finder (click on link in menu to the left), just keep double clicking the map to zoom into Street View level, and see the Help File for more information.

March 6, 2010

Fire at The Peel Centre

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The details are still a bit sketchy at the moment, just what I’ve picked up from The Queen of the South Message Board, but there seems to have been quite a majour fire at the Peel Centre tonight. My wife called me upstairs at about 6:15 as she had seen a lot of smoke in the distance. As it was just starting to get dark, it was difficult to work out where it was coming from, but after some in depth journalism (I posted a message on the board) initial word was that Pets at Home was on fire. It now seems that the fire actually started at Brantano Shoes, but spread (or at least the smoke did) to Matalan, Pets at Home and maybe even JJB Sports. I hope to bring you more as I get it, please update THIS SITE’S MESSAGE BOARD if you know more.

March 2, 2010

Where Did That Come From?

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The snow returned to Dumfries last night, as if from nowhere, bringing the town to a grinding hault this morning. My question through isn’t so much about the snow, as the traffic. As usual, on a day when police would be advising people “only to travel their journey was absolutely necessary”, there were twice as many cars as usual out and about this morning. It took my bus, which I get at the same time every day, 30 minutes to complete the normal 15 minute journey from Georgetown, along the nose to tail Annan Road, and into the town. People coming to work from the other side of town had an even worse time of it, as Pleasance Avenue and Castle Douglas Road were tailed back and the traffic wasn’t moving. So where did all the extra trafic come from? I think there may have been new roadworks on St.Michael Street, but I’m convinced that some people just come out so that they can join the queues!

February 18, 2010

Time to Cut The Rates?

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We went to Castle Douglas on Saturday morning, and what a contrast to Dumfries! They may not have the big name shops like New Look, Next, M&S, Watersons, WH Smith etc. (although they do have a Wilkinsons, how I’d love to see them move into the old Woolworths!), but neither do they have the rows of empty shops which are now such a feature of Dumfries High Street. I don’t remember seeing one empty unit in a High Street filled mainly with local shops, but with an excellent variety to choose from. Contrast that to the run up from Bank Street to the Midsteeple, which you’d think would be prime Dumfries Real Estate, but which now features 4 empty shops, or the once vibrant area around Woolworths with about as many, and maybe it’s time Dumfries thought about dropping their rates and encouraging some local shops back into the town center?

February 12, 2010

Site of the, ahm, Month

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I’ve got a feature on the site which I’ve got the cheek to title “Site of the Month”. In reality, it the “Site of whenever I come across something I quite like”.  Chris Frear contacted me recently about his site, which features some stunning photographs from around rural Nithsdale, and, although it doesn’t strictly fit my usual criteria of being a site about Dumfries Town, I liked it enough to bend the rules a bit and make it the latest site of the month.

February 3, 2010

DG1 Back In Action

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I know I go on about DG1 a lot, but it’s good to see it back to full operation after the work on the training pool was completed.  They’ve had a bit of a cheek still charging full price for the last few weeks, but I guess I could have voted with my feet and not actually gone.  Seemed to me a few people did just that, it will be interesting to see how many return now that the pools are fully functional again.

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