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Write a review of something in Dumfries. See the 'About the Reviews Board' post for more info.
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About The Reviews Board

Post by Stuart McLaren » Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:38 pm

In an attempt to move into the wiki world, any reviews posted on this board will also be linked to from the Reviews page of the site.

If you would like to add a review of somewhere in Dumfries, please have your Subject set as Type - Name, for example Hotels - Cairndale. See the end of this post for more examples of the Type value. If you want to start a new category, just make one up. To start with, anything not on the list will go under General, but if there is enough of a particular category, I will set up a new group.

I don't mind you writing a 'review' of your own business, as long as you make it clear in the review that you have a connection to that business. Any posts which I think are an obvious advert or spam will be removed.

Similarly, any post which are over critical and I feel may be from a competitor or likely to cause offence to the subject will also be removed.

The categories I plan to start with are :
Pubs -
Restaurants -
Take Aways -
Hotels -

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