Restaurants - The Manor Country House

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Restaurants - The Manor Country House

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Perched on a hill overlooking Dumfries in the village of Torthorwald, only about 4 miles from Dumfries, The Manor Country House Hotel has one of the best locations for a restaurant around. I finally made it out on Saturday night, and I'm pleased to say that the food was equally as good as the location. We went for the Restaurant side, although there is also the option of a more traditional bar meal, and both my wife and I were delighted with our meals. They even gave my wife something 'off menu' (she had been looking forward to Chicken stuffed with haggis, but the menu had changed to pheasant stuffed with haggis, but the Chef was happy to change this). I had lemon chicken with noodles. Noodles are normally something I'll suffer if there are no chips , but these were delicious.

Overall, highly recommended.

Re: Restaurants - The Manor Country House

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Was back again during the week, this time to the bar meal side of things, and am pleased to say was just as good as the restuarant. Took the kids this time, the facilities for them are great, a big garden for them to run around in and a climbing frame, not much, but enough to keep them amused for the time you will be there. Still my favourite Country Pub.

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