Restaurants - The Caven Arms

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Restaurants - The Caven Arms

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Buccleuch Street, Dumfries
Relaxed town center restaurant/pub, near the junction of Buccleuch Street and the Whitesands. Nice, quite atmosphere in which to enjoy a nice relaxed meal, loads of Chicken and Steak dishes, and I'll bet you won't be able to eat your pudding! Very generous portions.

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I don't get out much these days (not great for a restuarant reviewer!) but we managed to get a baby sitter the other night and headed straight for the Cavens. Wasn't quite as good as I remembered through. The meal was fine (Chicken Cavens) but there wasn't as good a choice on the menu as there used to be. Still worth a visit through if you are looking for a town centre pub meal, but I will be trying to check out Madonas soon to compare them.

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