Restaurants - The Swan

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Restaurants - The Swan

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I walked down here one Tuesday night last summer (it's a lovely walk of about a mile along the riverbank from the Dock Park) and was very lucky to get a seat. So what makes it so popular? Personally, I wasn't actually all that impressed with the menu, but I suppose all those people can't be wrong, so it must be worth a try.

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Obviously, personal views are different and important, but I cannot agree with you re the Swan,ie, the menu being unimpressive.
I have always found it excellent, the food and the service well up to standard.
We live in Bolton, and always take my aunt,(90 last year) to lunch at the Swan. I can't think of anywhere else in the Dumfries area to take her. I admit I do like the old town pubs, for a drink, but not quite right for a 90 year old.
I am a great believer in the Good Pub Guide, and I pride myself that I, and a few others, have managed to get the Swan included.
You should be proud to have a pub in your area that comes up to the standard of many excellent eating pubs.


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